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Jun 22, 2008

MP PET 2008 Solution!

I am putting up the solution for the MPPET 2008. These solutions are courtesy :

Feel free to visit their site for more information:

MPPET 2008 Solutions

Good Luck!

Apr 21, 2008

Lifesaver plugins for WordPress 2.5-Plugins for admin area


Alright, I have waited long to write a post on WordPress plugins. However, there are too many I love and it won’t be justified to make a single post for all of them. What I am going to do is write a post on the plugins I love and I think I cannot live without based on categories. By categories I mean the functionality they bring. For example, anti-spam plugins, bookmark plugins and RSS feed plugins etc. This post is dedicated to plugins that makes your WordPress admin area a better place.

I’ll dedicate this post to two plugins which I think brings beauty and ease to the way you move around in the admin area.

Before I start, let me tell you that I am on WordPress 2.5. Also, I strongly advice you to take a backup of your WordPress before you flirt with these plugins. Now that you are ready, let’s begin.

Although, WordPress 2.5 has a refreshingly great looks over it’s predecessors, I still feel that they have to get the navigation easier. I mean, each section has some subsections, like write section has subsections namely post, page and links. If you want to go to any of these subsection you have no choice but to go through the main section Write. Life would be much more easy if this whole navigation would be driven by Menu based navigation. And to achieve something like that there’s a plugin called as Admin Drop Down Menu.

Pictures say more than words. So, here’s the snapshot.

Admin Drop Down Menu

The second plugin actually beautifies rather than making navigation easier. However, it makes a great combination with the Admin Drop Down Menu. This plugin is called as Fluency Admin. I have not come across any conflict they cause or if they have any drawbacks. Following is how your admin area will look after installing both the plugins.

luency Admin

Apr 20, 2008

Making extensions compatible in Firefox 3


Life isn’t all that easy when you have updates and upgrades available at such rapid pace as Mozilla Firefox project. With an upgrade usually the framework is so much modified that your current Firefox extensions don’t work with the Alpha or Beta release. Now if you have an intermittent problem of testing newer non-stable versions of softwares then you miss out on the extensibility feature.

For example, there are very few extensions of Firefox 2.0.* which are compatible with Firefox 3 Beta. Hold on please, there is a tweak to get all your extensions (With exception of a few like Google Toolbar for Firefox crashes) working with Firefox 3 beta release. From what I have experienced the so called and much awaited FF 3 has some cool features. I have not played around with it much, but the first problem that I faced was to get all my extensions working with this new release. Here’s what you have to do to get all your extensions working. I must caution you though that there could be extensions that might make your Firefox unstable and make it crash. From what I have read All-in-one gestures when used with this tweak makes it crash for the first time. Also, this can cause some security glitch as well. So please use it at your own risk. Following are the steps:

  1. In a new tab type about:config. You get a beautiful (and funny) window which looks like this.
    You know which button to hit.
  2. Once you reach the about:config page look for an entry named extensions.checkCompatibility. If you see the entry then change the value to false.
  3. However, if you did not find an entry, then right click any where on the page and under new select boolean. Set it’s value to false. That’s all.
  4. Now you should have an entry that looks like this
  5. Close Firefox and restart. See the magic, all your old extensions are now working and are visible.

You see a warning message marked with an arrow like the following:

Help yourself with further experimentation. And remember it’s a tweak that means it’s not suppose to be tweaked to avoid any glitches. I am sure with the final release all the extensions will be compatible. There is another way as well to make extensions compatible, but for that you have to make code level changes and I am not discussing them. Let me know if someone wants to do it that way.

Apr 2, 2008

Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

Just in case you have not upgraded to wordpress 2.5, the stable and public release is out and is quite something. As I mentioned in my previous post “WordPress 2.5-Step-by-Step upgrade Guide for Beginners“, please make sure to take a backup of your current wordpress.

As a decent upgrade tool (Just in case you don’t want to flirt with your directory structure on your FTP), you could use InstantUpgrade plugin. This plugin is in Beta, so please use it at your own risk. Also, one bug that I found with the plugin is that even when you deactivate it (even remove it from your WP Plugin Directory), it doesn’t listen and tries to associate itself with the upgrade link in WordPress Dashboard.

The second drawback (for advance user) of the plugin is that it only allows you (by default unless you mention the version) to upgrade to the latest stable release. Doesn’t automatically upgrade to the beta or nightly builds. As, I promised, I’ll do a complete review of WordPress 2.5 on my other blog.

Mar 27, 2008

WordPress 2.5-Step-by-Step upgrade Guide for Beginners

As many of you would know that, WordPress 2.5 RC 2 beta is released. I am not sure how many of you have upgraded. This post is not for the people who have already upgraded and have been playing around with this baby for sometime. So if you happen to be one of them, you can stop reading at your own discretion. However, the purpose of this post is to get the newbies and the non-geeks to upgrade to the new release.

Step 1: Backing up your old wordpress

If you are wondering that the step one is download the latest beta release and to upload it, then I am afraid my friends you’d making one of the biggest mistake called as ignorance. Unless, you feel ignorance is a bliss to you, you can do it (upload). But if you don’t want to screw up, then for every upgrade, the first step is backup my dear friends. Backing up your wordpress is a great idea before any upgrade, whether it is for a stable release or it is for a beta release. You can do it pretty easily by looking for the steps to backup on Google, or you can use my favorite backup plugin WP-DBManager. Follow the installation guide.

Once you have backed up your wordpress, you can move to the next step.

Step 2: Installing the latest wordpress (wordpress 2.5 RC 2)

The next step in the process is to download the beta release. Once you have downloaded the zip/tar.gz file, extract it and save it on some location of your hard disk. What you have to do next is to just upload the content of the wordpress folder to your website host using FTP. During upload your FTP client will prompt you that the files already exist. It’s safe to say overwrite all. Safe because, your old files and folders will stay intact and only the native (old) wordpress files will be over written. Patience is the virtue at this point as it might take sometime to upload the new files using FTP client.

Step 3: Updating the database tables to meet the requirements of wordpress 2.5

Once you have successfully uploaded all the files, the next step is to get indulged. Log into your admin area and the first thing that you see is not the page that asks for user name and password. The first page asks you to update the database.

It is self explanatory, so just hit the link update database. After the database is successfully updated, you’ll see a page that has a link which says continue. Just hit continue. You’ll redirected to the admin login page. Use your login and you are in.





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