Apr 26, 2008

Harbhajan Slaps-Sreesanth cries!

In yet another IPL related controversy, Harbhajan singh, the Mumbai Indians captain slapped Kings XI paceman S Sreesanth. Sreesanth was not able to control his emotions and was found weeping at the end of the friday match of DLF IPL Series.

harbhajan slaps sreesanth



The rumours are that Harbhajan slapped Sreesanth after the pace bowler said something offensive to him. It is also said that Harbhajan, apologized to Sreesanth in a long talk in the pavalion. When asked about the issue in the post match confrence, Harbhajan did not comment on it. He moved on by saying “Can we have questions on just cricket”.

sreesanth cryingsreesanth crying

The captain of the winning team, Yuvraj Singh commented by saying the incident was Ugly and that it was unacceptable.

  • navneet

    harbhajan singh should be banned for his indisciplinary action…

  • pushpa

    both harbajan & sreesanth should be removed from indain cricke team..please ..


    The entire country was behind Harbhajan during the incident with Symmonds during the Australian tour.But now, with slapping Sreesanth, Harbhajan has overstepped the limits of civilized behaviour.Agreed that Sreesanth is a cheeky fellow, but has exhibited restraint in recent matches.He could have provoked Harbhajan, but that does not warrant a slap in full view of the public.
    It was total ignominy and humiliation which made Sreesanth break down.
    Now, I feel that allegations made by the Australian cricketers may not be entirely untrue.
    If guilty, Harbhajan should be banned for life from all grades of cricket.Slapping or any form of violence is a criminal offence and deserves disciplinary action.
    Silence on the part of BCCI during this incident will portray them as the truly are – MERCENARY HIJRAS.

  • Abhishek

    I think what harbhajan did is right coz sree is bcoming in tolerable,the same thing he had done when he dissmissed kaif & showed his aggressions to kaif & Kamran akmal..he do it with other national teams its ok but if he do it with his own team mate its really untollerable

  • http://non Pradeep

    seems like stupid publicity stunt

  • raj

    Harbhajan has just proved Hayden right. “Obnoxious little weed”.

  • Anoop.EA

    sree santh always sucks..

  • binu mathew

    These two guys have become nuisance in the sport loving Indian team. They need to go back to school learn some basic discipline and come back to internation arena.

  • Vivek

    I think this could well be a publicity stunt

  • Atma Ram

    Bhajji slaps Sreesanth – boo hoo hoo…If IPL was lacking any drama, surely this must be it. This would certainly give the Saas-Bahu serials a run for the money. Sreesanth may actually have a career in Ekta Kappor’s serials on his hands now. Inanycase, we have quality bowlers in the national side like Ishant, Praveen Kumar, Zaheer…Do we really need to put up with Sreesanth’s tantrums anymore? The slap must be a wake up call, frankly if bhajii hadn’t done this Hayden/Symonds would have!

  • Turbanator

    Unruly sreesanth meets ill tempered bhajji – Why is sreesanth involved in every ugly incident in Indian cricket? Not sure if this incident is real or a gimmick but it is highly unprofessional. Somehow a part of me believes that sreesanth asked for it. Why do players like Tendulkar and Dravid who have had such long careers never feature in such stories? Sreesanth should learn from Ishant Sharma/Pravin Kumar, how to focus on bowling and behave properly. Otherwise he will keep making a fool of himself and keep proving that he suffers from Attention deficit disorder!

  • Shobana Shrinagesh

    Sometimes a little cruelty is the best way to teach someone when they refuse to learn otherwise; one feels like giving a hard slap to Sreesanth watching his antics on the grounds and it is all the more appaling when Sreesanth forgets that he is baiting hsi own countrymen; in front of the foreigners. U did it, Bajji!!!

  • satwinder


  • Kumar Ashutosh

    don’t behave like idiots. WTF do you mean harbhajan taught him manners? Are you people retarded.If you genuinely believe that committing the tort of battery to remedy the tort of assault is legally sound and morally correct, you people require therapy.

  • Mithun

    I dont understand whats wrong with these people.. Harbhajan slapping Sreeshant and then Sreeshant crying in front of the camera!!!!!!

    Harbhajan should learn a bit more manners.. No one has right to hit some one for whatever reason..

    And sreeshanth could have acted a bit more mature.. If he really had to shed those tears.. he could’ve done that inside the dressing room and not in front of the camera..

    Grow Up KIDSSSS…..

  • http://jantony.blogspot.com Joe

    Y O U A R E N O T A N E L I G I B L E P L A Y E R I F Y O U A R E N O T A B L E T O C O N T R O L Y O U R F E E L I N G S . . . B O T H T H E S E G U Y S A R E S P O I L I N G T H E I R C A R E E R B E C A U S E O F T H I S W E E K N E S S

  • Feroz

    Both bajji and sree suck……..players with so much attitude….. tehy both confuse what is agression and attitude…both of them should be banned from all forms of cricket…coz even if they play tennis ball cricket with kids sree will end up in a fight saying its agression ….hahahah…grow up sree……..just have a look at some videos of Vivrichards, Mohd Azhar, Hansie Cronje, Steeve Waugh, Sachin….watch Ganguly(thats agression)…..bye bye bajji and get lost sreesanth….i think now indian team will be more disciplined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Srini

    This is simply public stunt…

  • Harinatha Reddy


  • N.K.Shine

    Sreesanth’s sixer against Andrew nel’s aggression was timely and the entire cricket world enjoyed his dance. But now we see him as a regular aggression artist and it’s cheap and shame for Cricket. So is Harbajan singh, The BCCI and the entire country may be repenting for rallied behind him in the “Monkey” controversy. Be a Sachin or Dravid, at least a symonds boys..

  • SAF

    Sreesanth in the first place really sucks!!

    Remember the other day when he tried to hit the stumps when the batsman was in the front. Bhajji must have did it just for fun!!

    I guess sreesanth cried cuz priety dint hug him. Instead she hugged Bret Lee..

  • MAS

    Please stop watching this nonsense and commenting about this. Please dont watch cricket!!!!

  • Nilendu Mukherjee

    They all have become businessman thats why showing business man sprit rather than “sports man sprit”

  • jay

    leave it guys… i mean it was done in the heat of the moment… yea and both of them are a bit temperamental and bcci is giving them some kina punishment.. so its fine i suppose

  • iggy

    Harbhajan should be punished severely … but hey … what about our pace bowler crying … I’m sure he will be taken very seriously in the international arena … what a CRY BABY!!!

  • Forgetting Something

    I don’t go around slapping people.
    But if I do, it’s after something has happened.

    Everyone supported Singh after the “monky” thing because everyone knows that Symonds probably started it.

    Why is it so hard to believe Sreesanth deserved it?

  • http://yahoo karthika

    wat bajji did was absolutely wrong…he shouldnt hav done dat..it is usual 4 winners to say “HARD-LUCK” to d opponent..n dat doesnt require a “SLAP”…its high time bajji realises dat winnin n losin is a part of a game..at dis rate der wont b any gentlemen left in dis “GENTLEMAN GAME”!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.rsystams.com Tony M K

    This stupid sardar (bhajji) should be kicked on ass and banned for life. Success has taken over his head and he has reached to a position where nothing or noone is respectable for him. Ask him – was he like this when he was included in the Indian team? NO!
    He has had enough now where all his country-men supported him (Australia Episode) but this is ridiculous. I ascertain that he should be kicked on his ass and fined heavily. Let him relax now and handle the “barber shop” of his at Chandigarh…there he can slap, kick or do whatever inside the shop. We do not want another Shoaib Akhtar in our team after all the greatness of Gavaskar’s and Tendulkar’s..

  • K.V. Mohanan

    Kudos to Bhajji. The slap on the face of Sreesanth was long overdue. Sreesanth should be thrown out from the team immediately. He is, really, a nuisance. He is a Nautangivaj in the team. See how the shameless guy was crying in front of TV cameras.

    Congrats to Harbhajan!

  • noble

    harbhajan is a country barbarian, cultureless & rude

  • http://- bob.E

    all those who say harbhajan was in the wrong, i say, go f#$k urself.

    i have seen that prick sreesanth and the way he can get on the nerve of other players with his f#$kall attitude.

    if i was one of the players on the indian or on the aussie side of the fence, sreesanth would have got a bat in his face instead of a slap. and much earlier too…

    so please, people who would like to see harbhajan banned, screw urself… i wish he would just go ahead and wrap things up and resign from this perverse waste of time and the money. all those crores of rupees being spent on the players and the matches could have been put to such good use for charitable causes… we have hunger, disease and illiteracy plaguing india while motherf$%kers like shahruck khan and others are throwing money away on this???!!

    apalling is what it is… why am i even wasting my time on this now??

  • Rajesh

    Excellent work Bhajji, all Keralites (Sree’s State)liked it and we are with Bhajji, It was long overdue!!!

  • http://www.studicom.net Asfand

    Well I guess, there are black sheeps in Cricket.Pakistan Board has taken a correct decision against Shoaib Akhtar and its time for BCCI to take a step too,cause these two have also been involved in many controversies in the Past

  • http://itsonlycricket.com annisa

    Harbhajan y the hell r u act like such a nigger u pig i hate u ……y r u slap u own indian brother…..GO SLAP UR WIFE……F**K U Harbhajan Singh………

  • http://itsonlycricket.com annisa

    HARBHAJAN SINGH u sud go live in in Africa among all dem zulus bcoz u r actin like niggers…hw der u slap him y don’t u try make a son n slap him..u punjab pig pig pig pig pig u pig….. go plant rice ohh sumting cricket is nt 4 u…u big head pig…..

  • satwinder


  • http://www.digitallife.co.in jaya

    Satwinderji, You are a true sardarini. Otherwise no sane person could have supported such an obnoxious act by harbhajan. Women like you spoil their kids by supporting everything they do even if it is 100% wrong. You people have no clue how to bring up your children in a modern civilized world. Shame on you lady!

    Sreesanth got beaten for no reason and you support it! Are you insane?

  • Varun Sharma

    I thinks Harbhajan Singh did wrong with Sreesanth. And Harbhajan singh should be Punished becoz cricket is the game in which everybody play with each Other.

  • strata

    sree v hate u to core …u r truly a bas@#$% . i m a keralite too/
    u r a shame to india .

    #$%^ urself show ur #@#$@## bloody agression in front of mirror

    no1 1s interested .

    bhajji u did right
    bt to avoid loss of 3 crores u shud hv taken him sumwhere in private n givn him a few more WWF punches

    tht rascal deserves it

  • Brute

    Me too am a Keralite and i tell u not many ppl down here loves that a****le Sreesanth….. He is such a bas***d and this beating was long overdue… He has been going about asking for it from the very first game he played fore India. Wat he is doing on the feild is not aggression.. Its atrocity….
    He doesnt even qualify to be in the Indian team. There r far more better players than him and he has got no fire in his stupid bowling.

    I strongly believe that what Harbhajan did was absolutely right….. Infact I am now ashamed to say i am a keralite becos of that idiot Sreesanth…

  • http://www.digitallife.com Seetal

    Hey guys
    why do you think it was wrong on Sree’s part to cry? what else could he have done in such an awkward situation? It was quite unexpected. If he had hit bhaji back, he also would have been punished. I don’t think he is that stupid. If he had not reacted in anyway, bhaji would have got away with his barbaric act, right?


    jo jaisa karega wo vaisa bhrega……..
    sreeshant ne jo kya use harbajan ne jabab diya thappar mar kar……
    orr jo harbajan ne thapper mara uska jabab BCCI harbajan ko deya 3 Cror ka chuna lga ke…..
    maja Ambani ke aa gye…
    uske 3 Crore back gye………

  • anoop pera

    i really enjoyed what harbhajan did……….sreesanth needs to be taught moral science…..this is the best way to teach him. we all saw his reaction with kaif.that was no acceptable. my good wishes are with harbhajan. want to see him soon in ipl.

  • acharya

    One should file SLP in supreme court for over showing the incident every minute by the channels. It is a punishment to watch any channel.

  • Indian

    Bhajji is a Punjabi sikh idiot, this idiot punjabis think they have big … but pakis have given them good ,,,

    Hate the big idiot fanatic punjabis who are nicely kicked around by hindus and shown there place in 1982 and in paksitan they are rats..

    punjabis think they are better persons in india so they make good drivers in canada…

    they are brothers of Bin Laden…

    next time ask a punjabi what he thinks of himself he thinks he is a Bains(a buffalo), a brar (in canada)

    They are not to be an indians they killed our leader they have saved hindus long before now we have saved them from pakis

    long live india hate fanatics

  • KAGS

    Tell harbhajan to go on exile, and tell him to forget he ever hold a cricket ball in his hand. Ban him for life, ban him for any other lives he get in this world. Saath, saath janmo tak, ban karo bhajji ko!!

  • nazeer

    That was a needed one for sreesanth, he was trying to get that slap from other country players, but the showed their maturity,any i will appreciate harbajan for doing that towards that over smart sreesanth, but both should be banned from international cricket




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